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What is Shackle Used For?

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Shackles are used in lifting and static systems as removable links to connect wire ropes, chains, ropes and other fittings. Screw pin shackles are mainly used for non-permanent applications. Bolt type shackles are preferably used for long terms or permanent applications and in circumstances where the pin of shackle may rotate during loading.

The type of Shackle:

screw pin shackle

Screw Pin Shackles are designed to offer the security of a strong connection with the ease of a quick release pin, so that it is a good choice for temporary lifting application. Bow Type has a larger, more defined bow area allow them easier for variety of connections and multi-dimensional pulling that D type shackle, while when the connection room limited, D shackle is a better choice to be fitted into.

bolt type shackle

Bolt Type Shackles are suitable for long terms or permanent mooring systems, since it has the secondary security system with a nut and cotter. This kind of shackles remain secure even when it is subjected to rotation.