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  • G100 Load Binder With Clevis


    Waysail just delivered on batch of G100 load binder to one of our Europe client who is in the power industry. It’s characteristics:l Super Alloy Steel, 33% increased strength over Grade 70 steel.l Secure with smaller diameter chain to reduce binder chain weight but with same load data.l Achieve grea Read More

  • Oval Master Link with Thimble


    Thimble is an insertion into a loop of fiber rope to protect the rope. Mostly the thimble is closed by splicing of the rope. Produced in cast iron or stamped and bent plate for the protection of fibre ropes and hawsers in a connection point of a mooring line. Primarily four types of thimbles are use Read More

  • Grade S Bow Shackle AS2741


    Grade S Shackle is commonly used for lifting, connecting to chain, wire rope or synthetic ropes. Bow type shackle is characterized by a large bow than the D shackle, which provides a larger surface area when connecting. Waysail regular produce and supply grade S shackle to one of our Australia clien Read More

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