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Offshore Wide Mouth Shackle

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Shackles are used in lifting and static systems as removable links to connect wire chain, chain and other fittings. Screw pin shackles are mainly used for non-permanent applications. Bolt type shackles are preferably used for long terms or permanent applications and in circumstances where the pin of shackle may rotate during loading. The offshore wide mouth shackles have a wide gap opening, extended inner height and width. The bolt is oversized with a nut with an oversized hole in the bolt to enable easy assembling of the split pin or bolt. It is commonly used in mooring lines, in combination with chains, fiber ropes and hawsers.

Production Process: Drop Forging

Material Grade: Superior Alloy Steel 35CrMo

Heat Treatment: Quenching and Tempering

Temperature Range:  -20℃ up to +200℃

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